Pineapple Productions

From the spark of an idea to releasing your music.



We're mobile! We can record at any place. This can be your rehearsal room or any studio of choice.



Already recorded elsewhere or at home or at your rehearsal studio? We're happy to mix those tracks for you!



We'll guide you from A to Z, from the first spark of a song to a full produced album.

We can help you with your songwriting and arranging and everything that comes with creating that great album you have in your head.

You tell us about your ideas

We'll make it real

We're not your ordinary recording studio

We're passionate about your music

We're not a recording studio you hire by the hour to get your tracks on tape.


We're two partners-in-crime that are there to support you with your musical project. 


Contact us, we'll have a talk about music and your dreams. And then we'll figure out together how to make them true.


You have your mind set to making an album. And then you've got your budget.

We're here to match those two and make sure you get the most value for your money.

Check out our services for more info!

Producer/engineer/mixing engineer

Sacha Blokland

A walking thesaurus about anything technical in the studio while recording and mixing.

Born with a fine ear and so passionate about his job his only goal is perfection in recording, editting and mixing.




Wim "Vander" Van Deuren

As an experienced professional musician, Vander teams up perfectly with his companion Sacha in getting your songs recorded. He's also an active songwriter and arranger. He'll stand by you to do the musical pollishing.



Hoogstraat 14 bus 5 - 2570 Duffel - Belgium

BTW BE0866.794.473