How we work


Let us hear you


Send us a demo tape, a cell phone recording, or just invite us to your rehearsal studio. Or none of the above.

We want to be a part of music we like. That way, you'll know that we're in the same team here. Let us hear you. You can send us about anything, even a cell phone recording at your rehearsal studio will do. 


Don't have anything yet? Or maybe just some lyrics and melodies? Or just lyrics? That's enough! We're looking forward to hear from you.




Let's meet


Let's get together and talk about music...

We want to find out if we're on the same line here. See if there's a connection. It's up to us to get the best out of you and we need to find out if we're compatible. 




Let's talk


...and business.

Whatever your ideas are and whatever your budget is, we can match the two. We'll find a perfect solution for your needs and whishes and we'll guide and coach you to the process. We make a special offer for each request to match your needs to your budget. Talk to us to find out more!




Let's do this


And we're off!

Got our noses in the same direction? We've talked about preproduction? We've talked about how, when and where we'll be recording? We all know what we're up for and what we'll be doing at what price? Then let's get ahead and turn your idea into an official release!

Hoogstraat 14 bus 5 - 2570 Duffel - Belgium

BTW BE0866.794.473