Music Production


From the first note to a final release of your music.


Whether your a band or a solo artist and whether you have your songs already cooked up or just started writing some first lyrics, we're here to step in and guide you through the process of your production.


We'll stand by you as we make sure we get the best in recording, editting and mixing, mastering and releasing your work, all accordingly to your budget.


And most of all, we get involved in your music. When we join forces, we are ready to really give it our all.



You have songs in your head, but are struggling to get them out?


Even if you only have pieces of melodies in your head and just a few words written down on paper, you can rely on us to write songs and lyrics with you. 


Together we'll get through it from start to finnish.

Arranging and producing


You're all set up to go, but you can use that final touch that you just don't seem to get to?


Tell us who you listen to. Let us know what you want to sound like. And then let us do our magic. 


Together we'll work on sounds and effects and parts to make it all sound the way it sounds in your head.



You've already recorded your tracks and you need the right guy to mix it and make it sound professional?


Our mixing engineer/producer Sacha is happy to help and to get the most out of your recordings. As an experienced recording and mixing engineer, he knows perfectly how to make everything sound and feel right.


Optional mastering is possible as well, just to give your music that final push to a real professional sounding release.

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